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Free workshop & book signing at Purl Soho


To celebrate my new book Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style we would like to invite you to an event here in New York.

going to purl_2

My dear friends at Purl Soho are hosting a free mini workshop, where together we will make some simple, cute bracelets from the book using my fabrics, a few notions, and simple tools. There are only a limited amount of spots, so please call and reserve yours soonest.

I will also be there signing my new book! Everyone who purchases a book will receive a free bracelets kit from me so you can easily make some at home. I do look forward to seeing you next Thursday.

for invite

To learn more about my new book please click here.

And if you can’t join us here in New York this time, perhaps you can join me in Los Angeles or Denver next spring? I will be there teaching print workshops and signing books. And if all goes well I hope to visit Amsterdam and London too!

To learn more visit my website, and also sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on INSTAGRAM for more details to come.

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Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style blog tour



I am very proud and happy to introduce to you my 3rd sewing book, Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style. This time I am showing you how make your own stylish, cute, functional and everyday garments. The book is filled with really simple patterns and interesting clothes, which are all modeled by real people.


Most of you probably know me as a different kind of designer (for those of you not so familiar with my work, I create surface patterns and designs that are printed on all kinds of things: fabrics, rugs, cushions, paper goods and plates, to name a few), and the truth is that I do not really know how to sew that well!

The very simple and basic sewing I do know is from home economics class in elementary school! I remember so strongly how satisfying and EXCITING it was to sew a pair of my own PJ pants; it was such a wonderful feeling to make a something that I could wear. I still carry that feeling and wanted to share the excitement at making your own garments in fabrics of your own choosing in this book.


Since I don’t know how to create sewing patterns, I invited pattern maker Alexia Abegg to collaborate with me. She drafted all the patterns in sizes XS to XL based on my ideas, vision, and style, which is rather non fussy – simple lines and classic cuts, cute and functional everyday clothes. Now I can start learning to sew again! Since this book is focused on easy patterns it won’t intimidate a novice sewer.


I hope you will feel as tickled as I am by these projects. I also hope you will feel inspired to add, alter, and change things to make them more YOU by picking your favorite fabrics, adding ribbon, pockets, lengths, lining, prints, and swatches for example.

I have worked with some really special models for this book. I invited some friends and relatives of all ages to take part, and I could not be happier that they are part of this project. The amazing photographer of this book is Jenny Hallengren – she is also one of my best friends, since I was 10 years old. She has worked tirelessly with me, and together we have had some rather wonderful adventures while making this book.

To celebrate the release of Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style, STC Craft have invite many talented and creative bloggers and makers on a Blog Tour that starts today! For almost every day in December we will see different versions of projects sewn out of the book. There will also be give-aways on each blog – not only of the book, but also some Lotta Jansdotter fabrics that were created together with Windham Fabrics, and temporary tattoos made together with Tattly – it is like an advent calendar of sorts, a gift everyday until Christmas!

I CANNOT WAIT! It is so super exciting for me.

Here is the blog tour:

Dec 1 – Lotta Jansdotter
Dec 2 – STC Craft
Dec 3 – Windham
Dec 4 – Noodlehead
Dec 7 – Modern Handcraft
Dec 8 – Sew Scatterbrained
Dec 9 – Crimson Tate
Dec 11 – Groovy Baby & Mama
Dec 14 – City Stitching with Christine Haynes
Dec 15 – Craft Sanity
Dec 16 – Aesthetic Nest
Dec 17 – Sew Mama Sew
Dec 18 – Lish Dorset
Dec 19 – Fancy Tiger Crafts
Dec 21 – Generation Q
Dec 22 – Carolyn Friedlander
Dec 23 – Crafty Planner

Wow, now lets see what YOU will make! I would of course love it if you want to share with me your process and your finished projects on Instagram: @lottajansdotter Use the tag #lottaeverydaystyle so we can find them!

Tusen TACK!

Staying Organized with a Simple Stencil DIY


One of our favorite things to do here in the studio is to organize — and reorganize! — our supplies, inspirational scraps and books. Keeping our space tidy is essential to our productivity, and the way we store things has become an integral part of how we decorate the studio. Lotta has collected storage containers, crates and flat files from around the world, and we’re always looking for more ways to spice them up.

While we were doing our fall cleanup this week, we found ourselves drawn back to this Sweet Paul feature from 2012. A little bit of stenciling can really brighten up a simple canvas box, don’t you think? It’s also a great technique for creating custom labels on your containers. Take a look below and see the full feature here.





Summer has finally arrived in Brooklyn, and that is truly when the city is at its best. All the public parks become my extended living room — wonderful places to hang out, relax and to socialize. It is also where I can kick off my shoes, feel the earth, smell the grass and hear the rustling of leaves. Nature is a big source of inspiration for me in my work as a textile designer and maker, but it is also inspiration for a more healthy lifestyle in general. Being in nature calms and grounds me. It makes me a happier person, really.
Having picnics is one of my most favorite activities; I love food, I love spending time with good friends and, as you already know, I love hanging out in nature. Picnics combine all of that. (For whatever reason, the food ALWAYS tastes better out in the fresh air. Why is that?)
For the first picnic of this year I decided to invite my girlfriends for a sunday afternoon in the park. I wanted to make it real special, so I decided to create some cute picnic bags for my lovely friends filled with delicious handcrafted food. Fresh Brie and salami sandwiches, lovely and sweet strawberries, orzo salad, crisps, shortbread cookies and a small bottle of bubbly for us each all packed into a simple tote.

I created a simple two-color stencil design for the tote — a floral motif seemed rather appropriate. It is so incredibly easy to stencil print. You can print several bags in a jiffy and you do not need expensive or complicated tools or materials to get started. I used cotton bags easily found online. It actually would be real cute to also print some matching cotton napkins for this set. And if you feel ambitious, I bet you could print a nice border design on a table cloth turned picnic blanket!
We had a lovely day in Prospect Park that Sunday, one of many this summer. I hope you will enjoy some too!
Best wishes,
*Stenciling How-To
What you need
- These files: here and here, downloaded and printed
- Permanent marker
- Clear plastic (acetate) or stencil paper for making the stencils. You can also use self-adhesive clear plastic (contact paper) for making stencils for fabric printing. It is easily found at craft stores and some stationery/paper stores.
- an X-Acto knife
- Heavy cardboard or a cutting mat to use as a cutting surface
- Pebeo Setacolor fabric inks
- Old plate
- Masking tape
- Stencil brush or sponge: Stencil brushes will work best, but any flat stiff-bristle brush will serve the purpose.
- Cotton bags to print on
What to do
1. Start by printing out the design and tracing the design with your marker onto the clear acetate paper. (Some printers can print directly onto some acetate papers.)
2. Cut out your designs with the knife.
3. Pour a small amount of paint onto an old plate.
4. Place your template (stencil) on top of your material. Secure the stencil to the material using masking tape so it will not move during the printing operation. (This is why using self-adhesive plastic as a stencil is so handy — you won’t need to secure the stencil with masking tape.)
5. Dab an even amount of ink through the stencil with your stencil brush. Applying several thin layers of ink yields a better result than using too much ink at one time.
6. If you are printing more than one color: Print all of your designs in one color, and let the print dry before changing stencils. It is easier to use a separate brush or sponge for each color.
(*A version of this content originally appeared in Selvedge Magazine, 2011.)


A couple weeks ago we shared this wonderful quilt made for our latest fabric launch and asked you to contribute photos of things you’ve made with Glimma. We received a number of wonderful responses, and here are a few of our favorites:
A beautiful quilt by Amy Friend —
An intricate notebook by Diana Lasater —
A lovely project by Instagram user @lrkeenan  — simple, but very clever and a great way to show off the pattern!
There’s never a bad time to show your stuff! Just email us at or post on Instagram with the hashtag #lottajansdotter. We’d love to see what you’ve come up with!