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Åland Print Workshop & Retreat 2017


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I am so delighted to be able to invite you to my third yearly Print Workshop and Nature retreat on the islands where I was born, – the Åland Islands in Scandinavia. Join us for this very special opportunity .

I grew up in this archipelago, and to this I return every summer. Being there makes me peaceful and very, very happy This is also where I recharge and find inspiration for most of my organic designs, patterns and motifs.


The Print Workshop Retreat will include four- half day workshops with me in the barn where we gather inspiration and motifs from the beautiful, natural surroundings and then translate them into patterns and motifs that we print on paper and textiles. We will together explore three different simple printing techniques and create lovely items and memories on paper and fabric to take home and cherish.  I will supply you with all materials and tools that you need, and absolutely no art or design background is required, just a willingness to explore and play.

Create, explore, swim in the brackish ocean, take saunas under the midnight sun, hike, kayak, make lovely things with your hands, make new lovely and interesting friends and simply ‘be’ in this rather special and gorgeous part of the world.

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We will also enjoy incredible meals that are prepared daily by the most talented and passionate chef Viktor, and his brother Gustav. Our private chefs only use fresh and local, and mostly organic ingredients, often grown on the little farm on Silverskär, and fish is caught by hand in the ocean that surrounds us, berries and mushrooms harvested by locals and neighbours.


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Silverskär is truly a magical place: it is a completely private 40-acre island in the Åland archipelago. Silverskär used to be a working farm with cows and pigs, and has been fully converted to a unique and comfortable homestay, with the old barn and the main house, and some charming cottages where you can immerse yourself in this very rare and special setting!

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So why don’t you join me on this amazing trip… imagine: a whole private island just for ourselves, days filled with inspiration, nature and crazy delicious, wholesome meals. Registration will open for this amazing & simply luxurious experience in November 17, 2016, 12pm EST.

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